Jenkins: Five-Part Consorts - Mikko Perkola & Phantasm

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Track Listing

Fantasy 1 in G
Fantasy 7 in c
Fantasy 9 in c
Fantasy 17 in C
Pavan 2 in g
Fantasy 11 in c
Fantasy 6 in g
Fantasy 13 in d
Fantasy 15 in D
Fantasy 12 in d
Fantasy 16 in D
Fantasy 14 in d
Fantasy 3 in g
Fantasy 8 in c
Pavan 1 in G
Fantasy 5 in g
Fantasy 2 in g
Fantasy 4 in d
Fantasy 10 in c
Pavan 3 in F

Phantasm were joined by::
Mikko Perkola

Recording Producer:
Jonathan Freeman-Attwood

Recording Engineer:
Simon Fox-Gál

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus

Executive Producer for Avie:
Simon Foster

Recorded at the Chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford
14 – 17 August 2007


Previously released on Avie Records 2007