Ward: Consort Music for Five and Six Viols - Phantasm

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Track Listing

Fantasia No.1 a6 (VdGS 1)
Fantasia No.3 a6 (VdGS 3)
Fantasia No.6 a6 (VdGS 6)
Fantasia No.2 a6 (VdGS 2)
Fantasia No.4 a6 (VdGS 4)
Fantasia No.5 a6 (VdGS 5)
Fantasia No.7 a6 (VdGS 7)
In Nomine No.1 a6 (VdGS 1)
Fantasia No.1 a5 (VdGS 1)
Fantasia No.2 a5 La Rondinella (VdGS 2)
Fantasia No.3 a5 (VdGS 3)
Fantasia No.4 a5 (VdGS 4)
Fantasia No.5 a5 (VdGS 5)
Fantasia No.6 a5 (VdGS 6)
Fantasia No.7 a5 (VdGS 7)
Fantasia No.8 a5 (VdGS 8)
Fantasia No.9 a5 (VdGS 9)
Fantasia No.10 a5 (VdGS 10)
Fantasia No.11 a5 Cor mio (VdGS 12)
Fantasia No.13 a5 Non fu senze (VdGS 14)
Fantasia No.12 a5 Leggiadra sei (VdGS 13)
In Nomine a5 (VdGS 14)
In Nomine No.2 a6 (VdGS 2)

Phantasm were joined by::
Emilia Benjamin and Mikko Perkola

Produced and Engineered by:
Philip Hobbs

Julia Thomas, Finesplice

Cover Painting:
‘Hearing’, 1617 (oil on panel) by Jan Brueghel, the Elder (1568-1625)—Prado, Madrid, Spain / Giraudon / The Bridgeman Art Library

Photos of Phantasm:
Hanya Chlala

Phantasm greatly acknowledge Northwood Music who kindly gave permission to record from george Hunter’s editions of the Five and Six-Part Consorts (Northwood Music, 1994, 1996, 1997).

Recorded at Wadham College Chapel, Oxford on the 15th – 18th March 2009.