Phantasm seen and heard in Virtual Reality - an Oculus App

Chamber Music New Zealand has a new toy! Teaming up with I Want To Experienceand British viol consort PhantasmCMNZ are taking the music out of the concert hall and bringing it to your living room with its exciting new virtual reality app currently in production stage.

On their recent tour of Aotearoa, Chamber Music New Zealand nabbed Phantasm for some behind-the-scenes filming to create a unique VR experience for audiences. Phantasm has to be one of the best music ensembles in the world, and having musicians of the calibre of Laurence Dreyfus or Jonathan Manson in New Zealand was an opportunity too good to miss. This new app transports the user into the Phantasm's world, where you can spy on a rehearsal and hear the process behind how they achieve such nuance, clarity and colour in their performances; or you can sit with the musicians one-on-one, hearing their insights on playing the viola da gamba, its history, and their own personal musical stories.

"Virtual Reality and chamber music are a good fit," says Chamber Music New Zealand's Peter Walls. "The intimacy, immediacy and compact scale of chamber music fits easily into an agile and personal VR reality. This immersive and user-directed experience also opens up new opportunities to engage and attract new non-traditional audiences, to provide education tools, and enriches music experiences away from the concert hall."

Whether you're an early music academic, music lover, school student, technology buff, or simply want to see something new, check out the app and immerse yourself in Music Up Close.