Canor (Poland)

It is an intriguing world in which a small, little-known Norwegian record company would want to publish the completely non-commercial viol consort Fantasias of Purcell performed by musicians from the US, Scotland and Finland. This in itself astonishes me, and I am even more astonished by the effect of this enterprise. This is a recording which I do not hesitate to place among the most magnificent which has ever been made for this configuration of instruments. The Fantasias are works which, for unknown reasons are considered to be a 'music one cannot listen to.' This unbelievable nonsense has been repeated thoughtlessly for years, though every one of the last few generations of musicians has presented us with its own vision of Purcell's work - Wenzinger, Harnoncourt, Medlam, Savall, Boothby, and now Dreyfus. At least for once I can say that I move with the spirit of the times, since the most magnificent among these visions seems to me precisely the last



Jun 1997


Tomasz Biel

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