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From CD Review with Andrew MacGregor, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 19 September 2009: 'Laurence Dreyfus's viol consort Phantasm has just released the first complete recording of Ward's consort music for five and six viols, and he calls them 'magisterial; works which seduce the ear into a dream of lyrical temptation and wistful longing'. Well they do when they're played as well as this. Two six-part fantasias by John Ward, in performances from phantasm that capture everything Laurence Dreyfus promises in his notes. And, presented like this, with all of Ward's five- and six-part fantasias together so that we can immerse ourselves in their gently sophisticated charms, we can really begin to appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship, and the subtle intensity of the writing. Playing of real eloquence as well, and a recording that frames it to perfection.'



Sep 2009


BBC Radio 3

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