Hi-Fi Critic

This 80-minute, twenty-seven-track disc consists of various pieces for viol consort, the music bountiful in its moods and expression and composed with a thoughtfulness that becomes intoxicating. There is much beauty here and three types of viol - treble, tenor and bass - keep the ear entranced as these instruments (mastered by the six members of Phantasm) entwine with emotional polyphony, engaging dance rhythms and a loveliness of utterance that is both specific to its times (Englishman William Byrd's dates are c.1540-1623) yet is also timeless in its persuasive powers. The recording is ideal in presenting the sextet of musicians in an airy yet immediate acoustic, at once avoiding pressure yet presenting apposite intimacy. Dynamic bulges seem entirely spontaneous and are faithfully captured, as are the dark gorgeousness of the viols themselves, droning and singing to hypnotic effect.


Mai 2011


Colin Anderson

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