Four Temperaments - Byrd, Ferrabosco, Parsons, Tallis - Asako Morikawa, Emilia Benjamin & Phantasm

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Track Listing

Tallis A Solfing song
Byrd Queen's Goodnight (Prelude and Ground)
Parsons A song of Mr Robert Parsons
Tallis In nomine II a4
Parsons In nomine III a5
Parsons De la court
Ferrabosco Pavan a5
Byrd Missa a4 – Kyrie
Ferrabosco In nomine II a5
Byrd Missa a4 – Gloria
Tallis In nomine I a4
Byrd Missa a4 – Credo
Ferrabosco In nomine I a5
Byrd Missa a4 – Sanctus
Ferrabosco In nomine III a5
Byrd Missa a4 – Agnus dei
Parsons Ut re mi fa sol la
Ferrabosco Fantasia a4
Byrd Pavan a6
Byrd Galliard a6
Parsons A Song called Trumpets
Ferrabosco Sur la Rousée (Fantasia a6)

Study for Scattered XV11 by Allen Fisher

Phantasm were joined by::
Emilia Benjamin and Asako Morikawa

Recording Producer:
Jonathan Freeman-Attwood

Recording Engineer:
Simon Fox-Gál

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus

Executive Producer for Avie:
Simon Foster

Recorded at St. Mary’s Church, South Creake,
Norfolk, England. 19 – 21 August 2004

Originally released by Avie Records in 2004; re-released by Linn Records in 2014.