Lachrimae or Seaven Teares

Figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans, with divers other Pavan, Galiards, and Almands, set forth for the Lute, Viols or Violons, in five parts (1604)


LINN records CKD 527

John Dowland (1563?-1626)

  1. Lacrimae Antiquae
  2. Lacrimae Antiquae Novae
  3. Lacrimae Gementes 
  4. Lacrimae Tristes
  5. Lacrimae Coactae 
  6. Lacrimae Amantis
  7. Lacrimae Verae
  8. M. Nicholas Gryffith his Galiard
  9. Sir John Souch his Galiard
  10. Semper Dowland semper Dolens
  11. M. Giles Hoby his Galiard
  12. The King of Denmarks Galiard
  13. M. Bucton his Galiard
  14. The Earle of Essex Galiard
  15. Captain Piper his Galiard
  16. M. Henry Noell his Galiard 
  17. M. Thomas Collier his Galiard with two trebles
  18. Sir Henry Umptons Funerall
  19. M. George Whitehead his Almand
  20. Mrs. Nichols Almand
  21. M. John Langtons Pavan              



  • Laurence Dreyfus, treble viol and director
  • Jonathan Manson, tenor viol
  • Emilia Benjamin, tenor viol
  • Mikko Perkola, tenor viol
  • Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, bass viol


  • Elizabeth Kenny, lute


Recorded in the Chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford, UK, 5-7 July 2015

  • Produced and recorded by Philip Hobbs
  • Post-production by Julia Thomas 
  • Edition- John Dowland, Lachrimae, ed. Lynda Sayce with David Pinto (Fretwork Editions, 2004)

Original Print of Lachrimae - From the collection of Magdalen College Oxford, the book was purchased in 2015 thanks to the generosity of the Breslauer Foundation, Friends of the National Libraries, and the Mark Loveday Charitable Trust. Binding Stamp ‘C.S.’ – from Collection of Sir Charles Somerset (matriculation, Magd: Coll: 1602)

Warmest thanks are due to the President and Fellows of Magdalen College (Oxford) for their generous support of Phantasm and this recording