Gibbons: Consorts for Viols - Asako Morikawa, Phantasm & Susanna Pell

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Track Listing

Fantasies a6
1. Fantasia V (MB 35)
2. Fantasia VI (MB 36)
3. Fantasia III (MB 33)
4. Fantasia I (MB 31)
5. Fantasia II (MB 32)
6. Fantasia IV (MB 34)

In Nomines a5
7. In Nomine I (MB 27)
8. In Nomine II (MB 28)

Virginals Music a4
9. Peascod Time (The Hunt's Up)
10. Pavan Lord Salisbury
11. Fantasia
12. The Silver Swan

Fantasies a3
13. Fantasy I (MB I)
14. Fantasy II (MB II)
15. Fantasy III (MB III)
16. Fantasy IV (MB IV)

Anthems a6
17. O Lord, in thy wrath rebuke me not
18. Hosanna to the Son of David

Dances and Divisions a6
19. Pavan (MB 41)
20. Galliard (MB 42)
21. Go from my Window (MB 40)

Cover photo:
Hanya Chlala

Phantasm were joined by::
Susanna Pell and Asako Morikawa

Recording Producer:
Jonathan Freeman-Attwood

Recording Engineer:
Arne Akselberg

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus

Executive Producers for Magnatune:
John Buckman and Jan Hanford

Executive Producer for Avie:
Simon Foster

Recorded at the Chapel of Merton College, Oxford, England
25 - 27 September 2003

Originally released by Avie Records in 2003; re-released by Linn Records in 2014.

Phantasm acknowledge, with grateful thanks, the generous support of Magnatune in making this recording project possible

A bonus track recorded for this album is available for downloading at