Concertgebouw Bruges with Elizabeth Kenny, lute

Friday, 15 May 2015 - 8:00pm

Music for five viols by Tye, Tomkins, Locke, Lawes, and (above all), Henry Purcell! -


Phantasm – one of the most acclaimed viol consorts of recent years - take us on an unearthly trip through English consort music: a hundred years of musical fantasy. Their five viola da gamba’s are like a velvety sound machine that gently transports us to higher spheres. Nowhere was this noble instrument family more popular than in England and nowhere was the quality of such consort music higher. For leading composers, such as Byrd, Tye and Purcell, chamber music was more than just a frivolous aside; it was a much-loved medium in which they could experiment freely with breathtaking counterpoint, sensual chromaticism, innovative timbres and bizarre composition techniques. This enabled Purcell to compose a fantasia based on a single note!