Bach's Art of Fugue discussed and played in Paris

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 -
5:30pm to 9:00pm

The title of J.S.Bach’s late work Kunst der Fuge seems to assert the composer’s intention to highlight the ‘art’ over the ‘artifice’ in his ambitious collection of fugues on a single theme which draw on a long historical tradition of elaborate counterpoint. In this presentation - accompanied by live musical examples played by the viol consort Phantasm – Laurence Dreyfus will shed light on the kinds of challenges Bach set for himself in various kinds of pieces he called ‘Contrapunctus’ and how the aural grasp of contrasting forms counterpoint enhances a listener’s appreciation of this monumental work. The presentation will also treat a current scholarly controversy on the status of Bach’s final fugue in which the composer boldly embedded a reference to his own name in a piece he mysteriously left unfinished at his death.

Programme du concert

Art of Fugue [Kunst der Fuge]  
J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
BWV 1080 (1-11, 19)

Simple Fugues
          Contrapunctus 1
          Contrapunctus 2
          Contrapunctus 3
          Contrapunctus 4

          Contrapunctus 5
          Contrapunctus 6 'in stylo francese'
          Contrapunctus 7

Double Fugues
          Contrapunctus 8 a3
          Contrapunctus 9
          Contrapunctus 10
          Contrapunctus 11

Incomplete Contrapunctus