Aftenposten (Oslo, Norway)

This is a recording which should arouse special interest. It coheres with the choice of movements and with the group's ability to articulate and pinpoint the themes with elegantly chosen phrasing. The four members with the American Laurence Dreyfus all live in different parts of Europe and the United States but when they come together to make music, they are well worth hearing. That the Norwegian company Simax issues everything that they produce is no small coup and has already resulted in a prize from the magazine Gramophone. This recording, too, should also not come very far from taking a top prize. Their reading of the Art of Fugue is a harmonic treat thanks to the consort's exquisite intonation. For those who are excited by the rhythms of the Baroque, it can be said that this recording swings with the most ravishing nuances. It is music that attaches itself to your inner ear and sounds long after the recording has concluded, a recording about which Bach and Mozart lovers will rejoice.






Sep 1998


Idar Karevold

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