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This has been in my CD player more than any other disc for the last few weeks. I must confess that for much of the time it has been background; picking out a few tracks each time through is porbably better than trying to concentrate from beginning to end. Even though it is music I am very fond of, I am prepared to admit that there is a certain sobriety that needs variety - and that isn't successfully provided by the occasional incursions into staccato playing to liven it up. I also feel that sometime variety of tempo between pieces is imposed for the sake of it rather than arising out of the music. but these are minor grouses compared with the marvelous playing and the skill and strength of the music itself. I used to find that the viol-consorts I played with in my middle-age (I'd better not claim youth) found pre-Jacobean music rather dull: listen to this and be converted!




May 2005


Clifford Bartlett

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